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  • This website is dedicated to the use of the Internet as an educational tool for Nature Conservation in South Africa
  • With the dawn of the internet the face of Nature Conservation in South Africa is changing. With technological advancement conservationists have new avenues to educate the public.
  • The future of Rhinos are being threatened by higly organised poaching syndicates from around the world
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  • Call to South Africans to take part in Veldfundi's YouTube Direct Challenge by submitting one of your videos in reponse to one of the challenges posted on this website.
  • Two things South Africans love passionately are food and the great outdoors. Share your favourite South African Cooking Recipes on video with the world
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  • Statistically over 90% of hopeful beginner internet marketers fail. Sadly this is the market segment scammers target most aggresively with internet hype and misinformation.
  • The Internet is the only place where you can win a fortune on the UK Lottery without ever having entered, Beware of being scammed on the Internet!
  • Nigerian 419 scams aka 419 email scams or 419 frauds is an example of an advance fee fraud, They are common in South Africa and can be financially devastating and life threatening.
  • There is a legend that an Emperor of old rewarded the inventor of chess for introducing the game to his kingdom, with compensation of his choosing.
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  • This is a need to know guide on making money on the internet and not getting scammed. As the saying goes "a fool and his money are easily parted"
  • Jobs in South Africa are scarce and the Global Economic Crisis has many people in South Africa looking at self employment in the form of an online internet business or ways to make money online.
  • In South Africa anybody can work from home in an online internet business as can be done from anywhere else in the world, however how to receive money in south Africa is restricted.
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  • You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet. If you do not have Java installed you can obtain it from . If do have Java you may need to check your security settings to make sure that...
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