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The Internet as an Educational and Business Tool for Nature Conservation in South Africa on the Internet in South Africa Next: on the Internet in South Africa

This website is dedicated to the use of the Internet as an educational tool for Nature Conservation in South Africa


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 Nature Conservation in South Africa
 Nature Conservation in South Africa
 Nature Conservation in South Africa
 Nature Conservation in South Africa
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This compilation was written by someone who has investigated both commercial  and environmental crimes and who understands the South African circumstances as they apply to both our wildlife and business.
More often than not bush people are not computer people. This compilation was written specifically for nature conservationists to highlight the possibilities the internet has in store for them to be able to educate and entertain people from around the world, promote nature conservation and potentially earn some extra cash while doing so.
One might think that by targeting a group such as environmentalists who may lack computer savvy this website tries to take advantage the ignorant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The web is littered with scams and internet predators.
Scammers will unashamedly punt schemes and systems promising instant wealth and success. This site does none of that. On the contrary this compilation elaborately dispels the myths and hype that give rise to false expectations.
This site aims to be a resource to make informed decisions and plan effective strategies to implement ideas and dreams, not only for environmentalists or South Africans, but to who ever may find the information relevant to them.
The author of this website has had some amazing and terrifying experiences while working in the bush. This is likely the case with many South Africans who work or travel in the great outdoors. As much as the author would be delighted that people would read about his experiences, he would be even more thrilled to read about theirs.
The internet in itself is a great resource to learn the neccesary skills to create one's own internet presence such as a blog or a website. Unfortunately searching for information on the net can be confusing and misleading.
This website whilst not covering subject matter of an exclusive environmental nature, warns against misguided advice and promotes methods and tools which could prove suitable to those who wish to reach their target market in the field of nature conservation or any other niche field. 
This is the intention of this website, to teach or inspire ordinary people to utilise the internet to promote our natural heritage.
The author has learnt that environmental education and South African nature conservation ethics is greatly needed in our society and would find solid footing  in the internet with a global audience.
Conservationists and environmentalists are not confined to those working in the nature conservation industry, but everybody who has something to offer in terms of knowledge, skills and experience that applies to our South African wildlife.
Jobs in nature conservation or related fields are scarce in South Africa. Many people with vast skills and experiences in wildlife related lifestyles are not employed in a nature conservation field, but can still make a meaningful contribution to nature conservation on the internet.
This can be done in even the smallest ways like with the use of social network sites such as FaceBook and Twitter or by posting amateur videos on to YouTube and sharing our South African Wildlife moments with the world.

For step by step instructions on how to enter the Veldundi YouTube Direct Challenges, Recommend this page, to download Veldfundi's Bare Bone Basics Guide to YouTube for Free. This guide also contains invaluable information on how to create and convert videos for YouTube. 


This website is dedicated to the Internet as a tool in Nature Conservation. This may present a glaring contradiction as the content of this site may not appear to be of an environmental nature, but contains concepts of the internet as it would apply to any South African in general.

The relevance to Nature Conservation is thoroughly explained in the About section.

The  displayed graphs on the next page indicate that the searches of the phrase "Nature Conservation" is on a decline in South Africa. The folowing graph indicating the Phrase "YouTube" shows a steady increase over time.

The intention of this website is to educate and encourage South African Conservationists to partake in the internet by sharing their experiences, skills and knowledge to the benefit of Nature Conservation and the rest of the world.

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