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Are you affected by Subliminal Messages?

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If what we read on the internet is to be believed there are subliminal messages in music, movies (including Disney movies), advertising, logos and even in Barney.


Subliminal messaging is a furtive method of implanting a thought in the recipient's mind without the receiver being knowingly aware that an attempt is made to influence him or her. The intention of the subliminal message is to create a sense of familiarity with a brand or product or to solicit a mood or feeling about the subliminally enhanced content.

The success of subliminal messaging in sales, advertising and achievement of an objective as a result of subliminal influence, has not been conclusively proven, yet this method is frequently being implemented on and off the internet to solicit a desired outcome. It is however important to realise that we are subjected to subliminal manipulation on a daily basis.The concerning aspect of subliminal tampering is that the recipient is not aware of the intent to influence him or her.

 Optical illusions and Subliminal images

Subliminal images are often confused with optical illusions or clever animations suggesting a witty alternative to the initial expectation. These. however by definition are not subliminal messages as the word subliminal infers that the message in not consciously perceived.

Common means of subliminal advertising is the use of shocking or sensual imagery to create an emotional or subliminal fixation on the advertising medium. This is often done by inserting images of death, such as an image of a death mask or skull and cross bones or the word "sex" airbrushed into an image in such a way that it is not obvious. The purpose of this is to create a "shock" effect and in this way the viewer is attracted to the images for reasons entirely unbeknownst to them.

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Depsite the fact that there does not seem to be direct proof or evidence that Subliminal messages have a direct impact on people. Subliminal messages seem to have a very strong footing in the music industry, where messages are played backwards (known as back masking), but inverted have a satanic or shocking meaning.

Audio compilations are frequently implemented by people hoping to improve themselves by giving up smoking, becoming succesful or lose weight etc. A great market exists for these products for those who have tried everything else or true believers. 

Subliminal Experiment


The word subliminal is described as "below the threshold of conscious perception and therefore unperceivable to the conscious mind". This entails that we may not be aware of subliminal messages, but the subconscious mind does register subliminal stimuli and we may or may not act on them without realising that we have been subliminally influenced.

The following experiment attempts to establish whether very subtle subliminal clues will influence the participants of this experiment into a selecting a pre-determined outcome by answering a few very simple questions after being exposed to certain subliminal stimuli.

To participate in this experiment please provide your email address, just in case the answers warrant further explanation after the fact, or to anounce the results of this experiment. Please do not be concerned as it does not involve any hypnosis or hypnotic suggestion, just a few simple questions to see if the participant answers in a particular way. Your email address will not be shared with anybody and you will not be spammed.


The purpose of this experiment may not be immediately clear, but please do be patient as the results will be published on this site after the answers of a sufficient number of participants have been recorded. Please spread the word and share this subliminal experiment with others.





Money on the Internet Next:  Money on the Internet Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs  

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