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Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing - Selling products online for a commission - The so-called easy money on the internet


Considering the way affiliate sales are made, in that the products are often only available from one source, via people affiliated to the producer, it would appear that this is simply an evolved form of Multi Level Marketing. After all, it is sold by people who join a program in order to sell a certain product not available elsewhere.


There is even an element where the affiliate earns commissions, based on the sales made by people he or she introduced. Affiliate programs also provide training and promotional materials for the benefit of new conscripts. Popular products available in an affiliate network also face inevitable market saturation as a result of droves of affiliates eagerly promoting and selling a popular product. 


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The manner, in which the affiliate program sells goods and compensates the seller, is completely different. Normally, joining an affiliate program is free of charge and there is no requirement to purchase the product in order to become an affiliate. This also applies to the promotional material made available to the affiliate. There is no obligation to the producer to make sales and there is very little restriction on how or where the wares are advertised. The relationship between the seller of the product and the affiliate is more one on one.


The deep down-line that features so prominently in MLM’s, is shallow, rarely exceeding three tiers  in affiliate programs. As opposed to selling, the affiliate is in effect simply getting buyers and referring them to the seller, from their own platform. The compensation system is often a high percentage of the product price and paid out only upon a successful sale.


ClickBank is an international affiliate network, which handles both vendors and affiliates. They provide tracking and statistics and pay by cheque. Their Market place can be searched to establish the viability of selling or promoting a certain product. ClickBank is a good place to start to sell your own Pdf documents or to find someone else's product to promote on your web site.




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Marketing with YouTube and PowerPoint Next:  PDF conversion and editing tools Viral Marketing ... The gift that keeps on giving  


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