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Dont fall for Hype

Dont get Scammed on the Internet! Next:   Dont get Scammed on the Internet! on the Internet in South Africa  


Statistically over 90% of hopeful beginner internet marketers fail. Sadly this is the market segment that scammers target most aggressively with Hype and misinformation.

About getting rich quick online


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Falling for Hype   Act Now!!


Dont be a sucker!!!

Dont fall for internet Hype

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  1. Dont get Scammed on the Internet!
    The Internet is the only place where you can win a fortune on the UK Lottery without ever having entered, Beware of being scammed on the Internet!
  2. Internet Scams in South Africa: 'Nigerian 419' scams
    Nigerian 419 scams aka 419 email scams or 419 frauds is an example of an advance fee fraud, They are common in South Africa and can be financially devastating and life threatening.
  3. Chess Board and the grain of Rice
    There is a legend that an Emperor of old rewarded the inventor of chess for introducing the game to his kingdom, with compensation of his choosing.
  4. Illegal Pyramid Schemes
    There must be differentiated between Illegal Pyramid Schemes and a form of marketing, which has a pyramid like structure.
  5. What is a Ponzi Scheme?
    Charles Ponzi is known as the father of the so called Ponzi scheme. This scam is a type of illegal pyramid scheme, which fraudulently deprives investors of thousands of hard earned money.
  6. Multi-Level-Marketing
    Multi Level Marketing also known as MLM or Network Marketing is not an illegal” pyramid scheme, yet features a pyramid like recruitment structure.
  7. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
    Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist whose Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory is often taught in business management principles.
  8. Subliminal Messages Experiment
    If what we read on the internet is to be believed there are subliminal messages in music, movies (including Disney movies), advertising, logos and even in Barney.


The world is in a global economic recession;South Africa has not escaped the effects of this catastrophe. Jobs in South Africa have always been scarce, now more and more people are being retrenched and businesses are shutting their doors. The world wide depression has many people looking for an alternative form of income to make ends meet.


There are many swindlers and con-artists who are trying to take advantage of this dilemma. Pyramid scheme and multi level marketing peddlers are actively canvassing desperate consumers, who are willing to try almost anything to feed their families and keep their heads above water.


The internet is buzzing with opportunities, featuring almost “fool proof” guarantees on success. These systems sell instructional information, software, or methods, which promise the potential of great wealth and success. Many of the programs are legal and legitimate, yet not everybody can effectively utilise these ways, especially in the South African situation.


There are also a great number of “get rich quick schemes”, which simply exploit people into parting with their hard earned money. Tricksters on the net take advantage of the ignorance of the ordinary man on the street, by either selling pipe dreams or useless and outdated information. Sometimes they irresponsibly promote illicit schemes.


The pertinent questions is why do people who seemingly display some degree of common sense  and financial acuity fall for scams, schemes and hype. Surely when something sounds bizarrely unlikely or simply too good to be true intelligent people wont be suckered into spending a small fortune on something that offers rewards beyond reason and common sense.


One great reason for such a lapse in judgement is possibly what if... What if it could be true and possible. What if it is a pyramid scheme and I come in on top and get paid out a fortune. What if this revolutionary new way of making money had not been tried yet. What if the gamble pays off.


Many money making schemes as described above do not have their root in the internet, but have taken a firm footing in world wide web as a result of the the anonimity and automation provided by this online medium. These money making schemes and ilegal scams such as pyramids, chain letters etc. have in fact been around for much longer than the internet has.


The internet has, however, proved extremely effective in marketing illicit scams and irresponsible schemes. There is also a great market on the world wide web for money making strategies and online businesses. Common sense would dictate that if someone stumbled across the recipe from instant wealth it would be a closely guarded secret that the discoverer would not share with the world at the first opportunity.


It is up to the internet user to recognise iliicit scams unrealistic money making schemes and irresponsible internet hype in order to not fall victim to frauds or carelessly squander their life savings.





Dont get Scammed on the Internet! Next:   Dont get Scammed on the Internet! on the Internet in South Africa  


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