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Dont get scammed on the Internet

Internet Scams in South Africa: 'Nigerian 419' scams Next:   Internet Scams in South Africa: 'Nigerian 419' scams Dont fall for Hype  


The Internet is the only place where you can win a fortune on the UK Lottery without ever having entered, Beware of being scammed on the Internet!

Creating your own internet website is a big decision with a steep learning curve to master even the simple basics. Dont get scammed into following someone else's schemes for your own projects.

The challenges of creating a presence on the internet is among others the knowledge and ability to do so. It is a daunting and intimidating task to embark on to create a website from scratch with only an idea and without a clue as to where to begin.

Every website should have a clearly defined objective and function to fulfill on the internet. The author of the website  probably has a clear intention on what the website should be all about based on his or her prospects. There are countless reasons for people to want to create a website, based on their skills, knowledge, passions or expectations.

The internet is a helpful resource to get a wealth of information on how to do just about anything. The problem with the internet is that there is so much information available and the free information and opportunities are often cloaked with a money making spin off for the source. These money making opportunities are so hyped to create an unrealistic expectation of wealth and opportunity.

People are naturally wired to strive to improve themselves as was stated by Abraham Maslow in the well renowned Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory. The motivation to improve one's financial situation according to this theory only kicks in after basic survival needs have been met. The internet provides ample opportunities to get rich quick without the need of resources and time. These internet or email opportunities are often scams and are misleading.

Not only are many of these internet scams misleading, many are downright illegal. Pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes have been around long before the dawn of the internet, but have found a welcome home in the online community. Not all schemes that feature a pyramid like recruiting are illegal pyramid schemes, however multi level marketing also exaggerate income earning potential and trick people into buying into their schemes.

The potential of recruitment ventures such as pyraimd schemes and MLMs is often explained with the concept of exponential growth, to fool investors into investing into such a scheme.

How to get started

There is alot to learn about the internet and websites when you get started to build your own online web presence. The basic requirements are as follows:

Web hosting is the online platform where your webpages will be stored and managed.


A domain name this is one of the most crucial decisions of your entire internet operation. Registration is subject to availability and can be registered from your web host.


Web design software, which is suited to the level of experience of the website designer and purposes of the website.


Optional Multimedia Software used to create flash elements to your website or tools to create videos that can be embedded into the website.

Get your own spot on the Internet




Internet Scams in South Africa: 'Nigerian 419' scams Next:   Internet Scams in South Africa: 'Nigerian 419' scams Dont fall for Hype  

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