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SEO and Driving traffic to a site

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Organic search engine listings and page rank often solely determines the popularity of a a website. SEO is considered to be one of the most important tasks in website building.

Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners

The industry of electronic medium materials is rapidly growing, yet in marketing niches, as a demand is created, it will eventually be satisfied and cool down. The only way to counteract this is to “strike while the iron is still hot” and optimise your site for optimal placement in the Search Engines.

Book chapters can be written on Search Engine Optimisation and the subject can get very technical for beginners and newcomers to the internet publishing environment. SEO within a website entails keyword density and keyword placements in order for the search engines to ascertain the content and purpose of your site.

Webmasters often attempt to deceive the Search Engines such as Google into ranking their sites highly even when the content of the site is not specifically relating to the keywords that describe the site. This is done in an attempt to reach the first page of the search engine and as a result will receive higher traffic.

The Search Engines constantly adapt to filter out deceptive practices and only favour sites that are in their opinion valuable resources for internet users in relation to their internet searches. This however is difficult to accomplish as the keywords used and the keyword densities indicate the content of the site to the search engine.

A naturally flowing site without search engine optimisation applied that is superior in content to a well optimised site with "filler" content, may be overlooked by the search engine processes and algorhithms. Thus a balance must be achieved between good quality content to satisfy and reach the internet user and the technical know how and processes of optimising your site's content for the search engines in order to acchieve a high page ranking. 

It is of great importance in niche marketing to be portrayed as an expert or at least be knowledgeable in a chosen niche. For this very reason it is ach important to choose a topic one is familiar with, passionate about and to write good quality, content-rich pieces on a website, but even this may not be enough.

SEO is not exclusively achieved on the actual website. Search Engine ranking is also determined by the linking to and from other sites and weighted against the content, quality and rankings of the respective sites.

Homework must be done and the search trends ascertained. Subject matter could be posted on free article directories with links to the author’s website in the resource box. One trend is to find the experts on the subject on the web and to leave relevant comments on their blog, with links back to one’s own website. This should be done in such a way that it does not appear as a traffic harvesting ploy.

Blogs are sites that function in association with a website in a complementary capacity. Websites are often considered to be static in nature with fixed information that is not updated on a frequent basis.

A blog, short for web log, however, features regular posts. Blogs are characterised by the fact that they regularly updated and provide an avenue for the visitor to interact with the author by leaving comments that can be replied to and viewed by everyone.

In this manner the website owner establishes credentials in a niche and simultaneously improves his or her page rank in the search engines. These tactics can be reinforced by posting audio-visual compilations to video sharing sites or in similar fashion, to create a presence on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo or MySpace.

These actions not only serve to establish credentials and display one’s knowledge. It also serves as a vehicle to pass a message from person to person.



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Traditional Publishing versus Online Publishing Next:  Traditional Publishing versus Online Publishing How to make money online in South Africa  

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