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The Obstacles and Potential of Making Money online in South Africa

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The Global Economic Crisis has many people looking at self employment in the form of an online business or ways to make money online. South Africans are no exception, but we face many obstacles in the implementation of such an enterprise.

South Africa is considered the most technologically advanced country in Africa and in terms of knowledge, expertise and skills competes globally. In our metropolitan areas we are well equipped with state of the art internet connectivity. This, however, does not extend to all our rural areas and schools. Many educational facilities are kitted with computers, but are still restricted to a slow dial-up internet access. Building the infra-structure to offer these services are costly and is often impeded by the fear of pilfering, cable theft and vandalism, which are all very real threats in this country.

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Jobs in South Africa are scarce and an all too great sector of the population still lives unemployed in absolute poverty and lack even the most basic schooling. This situation is slowly improving, but as a result, they live in isolation, exclusive to their immediate environment. This is the loss of a massive target market with no present spending power or basic education.

The internet has been around for a relatively long time, but the use thereof in business is steadily growing and has yet to be utilised to its full potential. Many South Africans now wield a newly acquired education after generations of illiteracy. These individuals are often the first in their family with the ability to write and record their history and knowledge that was traditionally passed on by word of mouth. They have a thirst for knowledge and after ages of exclusion from formal tutoring, are hungry to participate and contribute globally.

On the flip-side, a segment of South Africans possess a high standard of education received by among the best internationally acclaimed learning institutions and schools of great acclaim. They entered the workplace, making significant contributions to the economy and respective industries. Yet many such people, despite their qualifications and experience, are no longer employed as a result of affirmative action policies and find it almost impossible to find work in the new South Africa.

Unemployment is still rife across the board in this country. As a consequence, regardless of circumstances, many had and have to become self-employed as the only alternative. The entrepreneurial option is strongly encouraged and supported by the government, especially in the face of the global economic uncertainty and socio-economic pressures.

South Africa is a huge untapped source for global commerce and has much to contribute internationally with online initiatives. In the face of the necessity to improve their financial situation or become self employed, scores of citizens have considered the option of an online internet based business. As some may have found out the hard way, or others will discover, there are numerous obstacles South Africans face in getting involved in internet marketing.

The majority of South Africans as is the case in many African countries, do not have computers or internet access. In other cases there is a severe lack of knowledge how to use a computer effectively. The younger generations, however, pending their access to the internet are picking these skills up, but are still hampered by the lack of sufficient technology. Young people with global internet access pick up technological skills very quickly and are quick to apply their skills to the global market place.

Google, the global search engine giant, is in the process of building the next generation of web technology while also attempting to satisfying the growing thirst for global investment and implementing state of the art internet tools for African countries. This will benefit South Africans who are eager to engage the global market and learn the neccesary skills to succeed online.

Better internet access and technology as is proposed by Google will have the effect of the South African Governement and private enterprises providing schools with more computers with internet access to be able to educate our children with the skills neccesary to participate in global commerce.



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How to make money online in South Africa Next:  How to make money online in South Africa Money on the internet  

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