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Ebook compiler software PDF or EXE

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 Electronic books, magazines, newsletters, reports or letters is the new wave of the internet (ebooks, eZines eLetters etc.). The creation of eBooks is put into service by software, which enables the view and distribution of such edocuments published electronically in pdf or exe (html) format.

There are two standards in eBook creation software, EXE and PDF, each with their own advantages and shortcomings.

The one ebook model is the PDF format, which is easily viewed by most people on their computers. This stands for Portable Document Format and is a file format created by Adobe Systems, Inc.


These documents or ebooks are characterised by the .PDF extension and are known for their portability across a variety of computer platforms such as email and is in common employment by most computer users in ebooks.

The advantages of these ebooks are in the fact that the output of many software applications can be converted into a PDF format ebook and will look essentially the same on any computer or as a printed document.

These pdf documents / ebooks have a familiar and trusted look and can contain hyperlinks to other sites or interactive forms for use with the internet and email.

PDF files or ebooks are also more compatible with different operating systems, which my not be the case with the EXE software alternative. Adobe reader software often comes pre-installed on a computer and is freely available as a download off the net.

Security features with PDF based eBook compilers include password protection, the ability to disallow printing and copying.

Adobe PDF creation software is expensive, but there are options available that are a lot cheaper than Adobe’s price, or the price of the EXE ebook software alternative. The HTML ebook format of executable eBooks creates the look and feel of a website and thus there is the potential of appearing differently with varying screen resolutions and monitor sizes.

These ebook files often come with an embedded reader software, which is not as commonly used as the case is with PDF ebook documents. This increases the file size or alternatively the reader must be downloaded and installed separately.

Executable eBook types are more prone to file corruption as is the case with any internet executable file format and as a result of the HTML make-up of the software, the file can potentially be infected by a computer virus if its exposed to a computer with such malware software.

For this reason email services do not allow the passage of executable files, or alternatively they display a stern warning when such a file is being sent or received.

This is counteracted in that such ebooks are downloaded individually by each user as opposed to sending it via email. Instead of receiving a file attachment by e-mail the recipient would receive a message containing a download link.

This has the advantage in that the user does not receive a message encumbered by a sizable attachment, but has the choice of downloading it if he or she chooses to or not.

Some executable ebook compilers come with the option of branding or rebranding an ebook. This serves the purpose of creating an incentive for users to distribute such work either by using their own company logos or by inserting their own affiliate links. This allows them to profit from the user’s purchases or actions in their own capacity, as opposed to entirely that of the original author.

This is a process is where the author sells or gives away resale rights. The benefit of this is that users profit via the resale of other people’s products. The author still retains a small percentage of the sale or gains greater publicity. This is an example of viral marketing combined with affiliate marketing. The same concept can be applied with PDF e-Books with the use of specialised software.

Executable eBook software come with a variety of advanced functions some of which are not available in the PDF alternative. These features include the issuing of codes, which render the eBook readable. This process streamlines the sale of the items and minimises the possibility of piracy or unwanted distribution amongst users. These eBooks are sometimes only viewable when online.

This process allows the user, to activate or de-activate the ebook compilation at will or make part of the account for free or impose a free trail period. Another benefit is a built in lead capturing functionality, which is a valuable resource in some such ebook software.

Certain eBook compilers have an entire built in e-commerce platform, which automates the sale of such a product. The viral aspect of such offerings is a great way of distributing free articles or newsletters and can easily be applied in business as a means of reporting and communication.


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