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Veldfundi's Bare Bone Basics Guide to YouTube


If You had to use a lot of imagination, creativity and initiative to create a YouTube video that will have an impact on people, what would You come up with?


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Veldfundi's Bare Bone Basics Guide to YouTube 

Social Media to most people means FaceBook or the more to the point, Twitter as the most popular examples. YouTube, however, is less known a Social Media site as it is as a video sharing site. The popularity of YouTube led to a very wise acquisition by Google, which saw the potential as not only a video repository, but also a search engine and an alternative knowledgebase to the text dominated World Wide Web.

YouTube is in its entirety a User Generated Content (UGC) Resource. This means that every video submission is made by someone who wishes to share an interest, passion, opinion, fad, passing fancy or favourite something or another with the world.

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This means that the authority posting a video on to YouTube may be someone just like you with more or less knowledge on a subject as you have. The quality and relevance of this video submission will ultimately be decided by its viewership who by means of an action such a vote of confidence or simply watching the full duration of the video.


This User Generated Content model has proven such a success that YouTube has reached the status of a Search Engine combined with a knowledge resource of information that caters for "almost" any requirement from across the world.

The word "almost" has to be used to qualify that the accuracy and availability of the information on YouTube is limited to the posts or subject matter submitted by ordinary people like you and I who may have knowledge and experience on the subject a user wishes to watch a video on.

The availability of video subject matters is relative to the technological advancement available to the contributors who would make video submissions to YouTube.  This partially refers to internet access or the ability to use a computer to be able to make such a video submission.

Another notable impediment is the perceived lack of content to submit to YouTube in the form of knowledge, skills, experience or original material. In this instance the word perceived must be highlighted, because it is reigning misconception that electronic publishing is reserved for the highly acclaimed authors in a particular field, as it may have been in the past.

Many people believe that the quality of material they would submit would be of an inferior quality as compared to the standard of videos submitted to YouTube. This is entirely inaccurate as the vast majority of videos found on YouTube are of amateur quality, created with software tools that are available for no or little cost and cheap cameras, cell phones, webcams or camcorders.

A further obstacle, which is possibly the most prevalent that stops people from contributing videos to YouTube is simply a mental block against the concept of competing with others who may be more equipped than themselves in the form of experience, equipment, knowledge or skills.

The Veldfundi website endeavours to provide a home for likeminded individuals who care about the South African Environment and believe that effective Nature Conservation principles in South Africa can preserve our natural heritage for our children and generation to come.

This website promotes the use of the internet as a means to nurture a love for the outdoors and our wildlife, be it plants or animals, through education and entertainment. The internet in its own right is still in its infancy, yet is rapidly evolving into various new platforms of how people engage and interact with each other.

Social Media has proven to be much more than a passing fad and social media applications have dominated the digital world and have taken traditional business and leisure activities by storm.  Even Google the search engine giant has a strong footing in social media with the popular YouTube and the new Google plus one button.

The very nature of YouTube as a visual and engaging medium may become the most effective vehicle to create an awareness of environmental issues that people from across the world should become aware of and with its effective use create a better world for us all.



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