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Veldfundi's YouTube Direct Challenge


Call to South Africans to take part in Veldfundi's YouTube Direct Challenge by submitting one of your videos in reponse to one of the challenges posted on this website.


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Join the Velfundi community by uploading your videos of a Nature Conservation or Environmental theme, specifically pertaining to the South African wildlife environment, by uploading your existing or new videos via the " enter the challenge" button.

The Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge submissions displayed on the Veldfundi blog  

A selection of these videos will be displayed on this website to be viewed by anybody from across the world. Those videos that are not displayed here will still be available to be viewed on

By selecting the allowing access option and uploading the videos, via this site your videos will become available on YouTube, where you have full control and options to edit, remove or change access options, but will also be available to be moderated and selected for embedding on this web site.

For step by step instructions on how to enter the Veldundi YouTube Direct Challenges, Recommend this page, to download Veldfundi's Bare Bone Basics Guide to YouTube for Free. This guide also contains invaluable information on how to create and convert videos for YouTube. 

 Enter Your South African Outdoor Cuisine Secrets

These Videos can be investigative, educational, entertaining or simply a picture slide show and can cater for any age group. Preference will, however, be given to shorter videos with an educational value.

Specific Video Challenges will be posted from time to time and contributions can be made by simply clicking the "enter the challenge" button,which will take you to the YouTube site.


Some video ideas 

 Rhino Poaching in South Africa


Save the Rhino Have You Say!

Submit Your videos about your views on Rhino Poaching and the future of Rhinos in South Africa



An Introduction to YouTube Direct

Reasons to submit your video via this website

YouTube Direct Challenge Any video submissions made in response to these video challenges remain the sole property and responsibility of the video's author. The videos will be hosted by YouTube asif they have been posted directly to YouTube in the first place. Similarly all restriction and terms and conditions applied to the video are those imposed by YouTube itself.

With modern technological advancements in photography and video equipment many wildlife documentaries are being redone to display high definition (HD) video. Many South Africans obtain great amateur video footage of rare sightings with their video cameras, which they would gladly share with the world over the internet.

Video challenges posted on this website are intended to create an interactive line of communication within the website's audience or viewership. In this way relevant material can be found and shared from this website and YouTube. The challenges will be of topics that are relevant to either subject matter related to this website or specific nature conservation or environmental topics.

This website will as a direct result of interactions of the viewers by posting their reponse to a challenge to YouTube, assist in passing a message and contribute towards nature conservation in South Africa and the world. The success of this venture will be determined by the number of participants and how well the word spreads.

Free on YouTube Participation in Veldfundi's YouTube Direct Challenge is absolutely free of charge with all that is required is a YouTube username and password, which can be acquired directly from YouTube. The video uploads can be any video that is suitable to be uploaded to YouTube according to their guidelines.

Video editing and creation resources are available in this website, where a number of free and commercial software tools are on display. Please feel free to use any of the free trails or listed resources to submit a video to Veldfundi's YouTube Direct Challenges.



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Veldfundi's YouTube direct Challenge


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