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XsitePro 2 - Website Design Software



 Online Money | Obstacles and Potential | How to make money online | SEO | Publishing | Ebook Tools | Viral | Affiliate Marketing | PDF Tools | YouTube and PowerPointVideo Tools | Xsite Pro


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  • Create unlimited websites 
  • Cascading Keywords
  • Hundreds of professionally designed website templates
  • A Global Site Design Control
  • Full Page Navigation / Interlinking
  • High quality graphical navigation menus
  • Advanced Page Settings - full control over page settings
  • WYSIWYG Designer - Word-Processor simple page designer.
  • Right-Click Features Menu: Links to powerful content tools.
  • Spell Checker: In-built spelling tool
  • Thesaurus: Comprehensive, 60,000-word Thesaurus tool.
  • Color Picker: Advanced color-picker tool makes color selection a snap.
  • Enhanced source-code editor: Multi-coloured layout for easy editing.
  • Site-wide Notes Tool: Quickly call a Web site notes scratch-pad.
  • SEO Analysis of your pages: Automatically analyses your web-pages for you and suggests a whole range of improvements necessary to improve your search engine positioning.
  • Page Analysis - Components: Breaks down page content for review
  • Page Analysis - Readability: Page text analysis statistics.
  • Page Analysis - Accessibility: Inaccessible content early-warning.
  • Page Preview function - quick & easy previews in your browser.
  • Powerful publishing features: Publish your site with just two clicks.
  • Publishing Progress Window: Notifies you on completion of site upload.
  • Website Cleanup tools: Clear out old 'orphan' files from your web space.
  • Full Sitemaps: Automatically created for your visitors' ease-of-navigation.
  • Site Import and Export Functionality: Export a single XSE file for easy importing at the other end.
  • Multi-Page Creation Wizard: Create multiple web-pages in double-quick time.
  • Save Sites as Templates: Store your latest site creation as a template. 
  • Apply New Template: Retrospectively apply templates to your older sites. 
  • Backup and Restore: Keep your site data safe with the backup/restore feature. 
  • Find & Replace on all pages: Update content site-wide with this search/replace tool. 
  • Insert Tokens: Insert variables into your pages which will be updated at time of publishing. 
  • Task-bar Scheduler: Automatically publish page content without lifting a finger! 
  • Affiliate link wizard: Store your affiliate links in XSitePro ready for inserting. 
  • Paypal Integration: Sell products right off your web pages with PayPal.
  • Google Adsense: Monetize your web-pages with Google Adsense.
  • Amazon Product Advertising: Product Link, Self Optimizing Adverts AND Recommended Products
  • Oxado Advertising integration
  •  Image Library: Easily browse, select and insert images into your site pages using this quality image tool.
  • Clipart Library: Choose from a royalty-free selection of thousands of clipart images.
  • Audio Wizard: Embed audio into your pages, complete with playback-controls.
  • Video Wizard: Liven up your web-site with Web 2.0 video content, using the video wizard.
  • ® Forms Wizard: Add quality name-grab forms to your pages in seconds using the new Forms Wizard, Integrate these forms with the popular mailing-list applications; AWeber, GetResponse included.
  • RSS Feed Wizard: Add RSS content into your pages to help keep them fresh.
  • Widgets Wizard: Huge range of scripts in XSitePro 2 for enhanced page functionality.
  • Automatic Page Breaks: Break up longer web pages, and add to your page-count in the process.
  • Auto-insert sub-page lists on your site.
  • Breadcrumb Trail - allow visitors to keep track of where they are in your site structure at any time.
  • Links Manager: Powerful tool for creating multi-level links pages - great additional content.
  • Popups: Create powerful pop-ups that will get through to your visitors.
  • Robots: Control exactly where robots go when indexing your site.
  • QuickPages: Create different types of page content for your site in minutes.
  • Site Search Form: Add quality search functionality to your site.
  • Google XML Sitemap Submission.
  • Siloing: Create search-engine-optimized interlinking structures in your site. 1 File/Resources Manager: Manage the resources in your site using this tool.
  • Advanced Folder options: Optional data subdirectories for different content.
  • Import Pages Wizard: Import page content in bulk, in record time.
  • Web Site Settings: Get instant access to the key site-specific settings.
  • Redirect Pages: Create custom redirects in seconds - great tool for masking affiliate links with 'friendly' URLs.
  • External Links Tool: Add links to external sites for inclusion within the navigation menus throughout your site.
  • Mobile Site Wizard: Output your site automatically formatted for mobile phone /
  • WAP browsers.
  • XML Page Syndication: Quickly create syndicatable feeds from your page content.
  • Social Networking Links: Quickly insert social networking links into your pages.
  • Reports: Project & Site Overviews, To-do lists & Site Publishng Reports
  • Full 260-page Instruction manual: Everything you need to know to get started.
  • 1000-Page Reference guide - explaining the powerful features in XSitePro.
  • Full Walkthrough Tutorial: A 140-page step-by-step guide.
  • Dedicated technical support: 24/7 support from our friendly, professional staff.
  • Exclusive user forum: Join the growing community of XSitePro users at our forum.

XsitePro 2 - Website Design Software


Online Money | Obstacles and Potential | How to make money online | SEO | Publishing | Ebook Tools | Viral | Affiliate Marketing | PDF Tools | YouTube and PowerPointVideo Tools | Xsite Pro

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