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An internet business may not produce instant riches or may never prove to be significantly successful, but there is no lack of marketable information material in this country. Accomplishment can only be achieved by individuals who overcome all the obstacles and create it for themselves.

The best way to get started in an online venture is to start small with tools that are freely available. Google’s Blogger is a good place to start. It is free and easy to use, with wysiwyg (What you see is what you get) technology. This in effect means that anybody with a basic knowledge of a word processor such as Microsoft Word can create a blog with advanced capabilities.

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Google also features many gadgets and functionality, also for free, to enhance a web page. Upon the completion of the site, it can be monetized by adding AdSense code. The financial rewards of doing so are relative to the number of visitors to the site. This in turn depends on the quality of the content and the marketing initiatives undertaken. Income streams can be added with the use of affiliate links available from such networks.

The best recipe for online success is to add money generating techniques that are relevant to the content of the site. This has the effect of gaining targeted hits from visitors looking for what the site owner has to offer. ClickBank is an international affiliate network, with a massive marketplace, which may contain suitable affiliate programs for the desired niche market.

There are many powerful strategies and techniques that can contribute to achievements, which are available at no or very little cost. The South African internet marketer can take advantage of this, while building his or her experience and credibility. There is a huge market in internet newcomers with the sales of software, methodologies and instructional materials.

Additionally, as an enterprise grows the business will run into expenses such as hosting platforms, automation software, tracking and testing capabilities, publishing tools and various other aspects, requiring a financial outlay. These are all challenges the marketer will face at a more advanced stage of the online endeavour. The best advice is to ascertain the requirements of the project at any given stage of development and not be fooled by internet hype, into incurring unnecessary expenditure.

It is not impossible to do Internet Marketing in South Africa, despite all the obstacles. On the contrary, South Africa has great potential as it has so much to offer and the world is watching South Africa. There is also a great global interest in African creations and issues, and this in itself could contribute towards entrepreneurial success.

It would, however, be highly desirable for all these challenges to be addressed and resolved. Until such time South Africans should be aware and selective of those programs that can be successfully marketed and use the shortfalls and impediments to their constructive advantage.


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