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Dawn of the Internet in South Africa  
With the dawn of the internet the face of Nature Conservation in South Africa is changing. With technological advancement conservationists have new avenues to educate the public about key conservation topics. The internet can reach a wide audience and help change perceptions and create an awareness of environmental issues.



Note from the author of

The Author of 
The author of this site, Alex Volker, has been involved in an investigative capacity in both Environmental crime and commercial crime in South Africa. There is a glaring contradiction in these two fields as they are practically worlds apart, yet this shaped the author as environmentalist and ordinary citizen of South Africa.



"I, the author of fall into the category of a keen conservationist, who is not employed within a nature conservation discipline, yet have significant experience and knowledge on many aspects of conservation and wildlife.


I have investigated wildlife poaching and various forms of environmental crimes in the past and in doing so spent considerable time in the bush. I have also nurtured a good general knowledge of nature in collecting books and my own research.


The inspiration in compiling has grown and evolved over many years. Initially I intended creating quizzes, crosswords and puzzles of South Africa’s fauna and flora and post it on a web page. For this purpose I had to undertake intensive research into the internet.


My experience of IT is largely confined to the programs I use at work and the basic abilities to surf the web and check my emails. I was at that time and am still not any kind of expert at web building or the intricacies of web design.


Not knowing a great deal of the internet, I embarked on a very steep learning curve to find out how it all works, how to implement my plans on the internet and how much it all will cost.


It also seemed natural to me that this venture would cost a great amount of effort and time and probably money as well. The question that followed was whether an online project such as the one I intended could generate any money to cover the costs or what the earning potential could be?


As I mentioned previously I’ve also been involved in the investigation of commercial crime. Among these I have investigated numerous pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes and know what financial devastation these schemes cause in South Africa


I needed to find out how to create an online presence for the purposes of entertaining and interacting with complete strangers on the internet in order to educate people on environmental issues and earn money by doing so.



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