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Conservators, environmentalist and all those who in one way or another are involved in Nature conservation in South Africa, fall in two major categories.


The first group are those employed in a job or career in conservation or those who are self-employed and own and run an enterprise in eco-tourism, such as a travel destination, a hunting resort or a wildlife getaway.


The second category is the equally important outdoor wildlife enthusiast who may possess great knowledge or experience in his or her field of interest, but is not employed directly in a conservation orientated direction.


The contributions made by both categories mentioned above to nature conservation in South Africa are immense. In either case there is a wealth of knowledge and experienced that is and can be shared with the world.


Conservationists are often no strangers to solitude in the wide open spaces. Environmentalists frequently live and work in remote areas, which is not always easily accessible by the general public. For them, in times when it is available the internet is a treasured line of communication with friends and family.


Conservationists generally are passionate about what they do and love sharing their experiences with an attentive and enthusiastic audience. They do not always have lots of time to sit in front of a computer and post their thoughts, but once they do those shared moments are in high demand.


Game rangers and those working in the field, compared to the rest of us have fantastic opportunities to capture their sights on film. South Africa possesses spectacular scenery and good wildlife sightings make for exciting viewing.


The internet provides for many opportunities for people to share their day to day lives or the more important chapters on the web. This especially applies to photos, sounds and videos, where the technology is now available to almost anybody.


The experiences recorded by the ordinary person can be of great benefit and educational to someone who is not as privileged as South Africans to share our lifestyles. Such experiences can soon gather a loyal following in the global market.


The internet is buzzing with money making opportunities and programs guaranteeing to make the taker a small fortune with little resources, a short time and no skills. Based on my superficial observations on the feasibility of my project, I already knew that my work has been cut out for me.


With my experience as a commercial crime investigator where I already knew that “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” I simply had to get to the bottom of these money making strategies.


My basic project of finding out how to create a simple web presence and apply the site to conservational ethics and interactive objects to engage an audience, suddenly grew tenfold to include what mistakes not to make and what scams not to fall for.


To get to this point where I am ready to share my findings and report on what I have learnt, has been a long and arduous road. In order to conduct my research I sunk my teeth into the project and attempted to explore every avenue guaranteeing financial freedom and wealth.


I have subscribed to countless mailing lists and gathered information from thousands of sources. Whilst doing so I educated myself on what is required to do be done to have a website from how create a web page, to registering a domain, optimising your site for the search engines.


I found that there is a great market in educating newbies; people just like me that want to learn how to get started on the internet. I also discovered that like me, most people wanting to learn about websites also want to find out about how to make money online.


The downside of the internet is the hype and misinformation readily available. As with losing weight or giving up smoking there are literally thousands of ways advertised to get rich on the internet from doing almost nothing and so many people are willing to give it a go.


I also found that some money making programs simply cannot work in South Africa as a result of payment option difficulties. As I learnt doing business online in South Africa has its own unique challenges.


Some time has passed since I have begun this project. In this period I have bought a number of software programs that I felt would be suitable for the purposes of interacting with visitors for the purposes of entertainment and education. In some cases I was disappointed and wasted my money, in other instances I found the software to be worth every penny. 


I focused my attention on programs that are suitable for those who are not IT professionals, simple yet capable of advanced functions. I found out the hard way that not everything works for South Africans and nobody will tell you up front before you spent a lot of money.


This website is for your benefit. It is aimed at professionals who are passionate about nature conservation and wildlife like me, but also to South Africans who will also find the information relevant.


I researched this work for and targeted specifically conservationists for a number of reasons:"


Conservationists generally are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. This passion will also be evident on what they post on the internet. Photographic works will find welcome home on the internet


In the nature of the work relating to the environment it is likely that the subject matter would be fresh and original. This will find a strong following with people worldwide and the search engines act favourably towards original content.


There is a great need for environmental educational material. Apart from satisfying a curiosity about African wildlife, environmental education may contribute to reduction of crime and saving our endangered species. Educational matter will also inform the world of harmful activity and create pressure to against environmental contraventions.


Bush people more often than not are not computer people. Conservationists know the value of hard work and job satisfaction. I hope that the information posted on this website will be a valuable resource for conservationists and will lead to a positive influence for both conservation and the internet.

You never know who will be inspired.


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